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Soka University PAC at sunset

Performing Arts Center

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Image of two visitors discussing at the art gallery.

Founders Hall Art Gallery

Explore current visual art exhibitions or propose a future exhibition.

Image of students at the Soka Bistro.

Soka Bistro

Take advantage of our on-campus dining before or after attending an event.

Image of the exterior of Ikeda Library.


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Aerial view of the track and pool.

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Community Resources

Image of gala set up in the recreation center.

Venue Rentals & Photo Permission

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Two students walking wearing Soka sweatshirts

Student Outreach

You may share news, events, and flyers for students through Student Affairs, or share rental listings by emailing

Image of student at career fair.

Career Services

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Campus Events



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Learn about the history and mission statement of Soka University of America.

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Email for general information.

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