Soka University of America is located at 1 University Drive in Aliso Viejo, California, 92656.

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Public Transportation to Soka University

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The  is 5 miles from campus. You may arrange for taxi or care sharing service from there. See  for train schedules.

A Shuttle Bus from  (LAX) to SUA costs about $50 per person one way and will bring you directly to campus. You don’t need reservations. Just walk to the shuttle bus stop in front of the terminal and sign up there. Be sure to get a quote first (there are several different services and prices may vary with gas price changes.) Ask for a discount if several people are going to the same destination. Distance is about 50 miles. Expect it to take about one hour depending upon traffic.  offers a 10% SUA discount if you book online.  offers a $4 discount for students with the code SOKASTU.  offers additional options.

Taxi or ride sharing service from LAX costs about $100 one way. Be sure to get a quote first, prices may change with gas price increases.

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Parking at Soka

For Founders Hall Art Gallery, events in Founders Hall, and Soka Performing Arts Center, park in Parking Lot A. 

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For Pauling Hallpark in Parking Lot C, take the stairs or elevator up to the campus green. Pauling Hall is directly to the left of the Student Center and Soka Bistro dining hall (where tables and chairs are out front).

For Athletics, upon arrival at Soka University, the Athletics Complex is to your immediate right. Parking is to the immediate left in Lot A for spectators, to the immediate right in Lot B for teams and officials, and just past the Gym in Lot C for the Pool. Parking passes are required, and are available at the entrance gate.

Other events: Ask at the gate as you come in for a map and directions to find the best parking for the event you are attending. Parking is free for most events. International Festival parking (first Saturday in May) is $10.